Thursday, 30 August 2012

Painting Shabby Chic

To paint shabby chic there are many methods. I am self taught and this is the method that I use to get the desired paint finish. I do not want my paint finish to look perfect, I want to see brush strokes and some imperfections. I like the primitive country look cash advance I am going to show my method by using this dresser which very few people would buy in its present condition. However, I do not see a junk dresser, I see a dresser with a black shabby paint finish. I will also line the insides of the drawers with old newspapers. When complete, the newspapers will look like they were put there about 75 years ago. I have found new papers do noy work well. Sometimes instead of newspapers I have used old sheet music, pages from old books, old non vinyl wallpaper...

1) Here are the supplies that I use. Methyl hydrate, orange and clear shellac, steel wool, orbital sander, buffer on electric drill, paint brush and dark brown Brie Wax. I dilute the shellac with methyl hydrate about 50-50 ...maybe a little more shellac. These can be found at the local hardware store. The methyl hydrate is also used to clean the brush. I have a separate brush for orange and clear shellac

2) A dresser that most would put out with the junk. However with shabby chic paint it can be made to add character to any room.

3) I do not strip the dresser before I paint it. I give it a sanding to make it rough so the paint will stick. I usually put on 2 coats of paint.

4) Once dry I will sand the dresser to give it its worn look. The best place to show wear is on the edges. Be careful you do not take too much paint of (unless that is the effect you want).

5) I use 80 grit sandpaper. Be careful it is quite course and can do damage to the paint.

6) Cutting the newpaper. You do not have to be accuate. You want the papers to look like they have been there for the past 75 years or more. Old sheet music is also good. I used old sheet music to line the drawers in our bathroom and kitchen.

7) The next step is to paper the inside of the drawers. If the insides are very clean, I do not put in the paper, I leave it natural. I use old newspapers (new ones do not work well). This dresser needed paper because to get the drawers immaculate would take too much work. Another good reason for papering is is if the drawers are a little loose, the glue will tighten it hard.

8) The drawer is now papered and ready for the shellac. The shellac will give it instant age. Do not spend too much time reading the articles or you will never get the papering done.... they are quite facinating along with some of the old ads.

9) I use regular water soluble white glue. I do not look for the most expensive and to date I have not had any difficulty with it. I use an old brush which cleans easily in water.

10) The dresser is now ready for a coat of shellac. I use the orange but clear is good too. I cover the entire painted area with one coat. Without this coat of shellac the wax would not go on easily.

11) The paper is now shellac covered. Leave the drawers open and the shellac odor will go away in about a day. The drawers may not look it but they are now clean and ready for use. The next step and the final step is the waxing. These photos are of the attack on Pearl Harbour.

12) The dresser is now ready for the wax. I use the dark brown Brie wax. First apply it with a rag then wipe it off with steel wool. Once this has been completed I buff it with the electric drill with the round buffer at the end. Wax in a well ventilated area ... powerful smell.

13) After buffing the last step is to replace the hardware. For this dresser I used the original hardware that was on the dresser when I bought it. In the store I will price this dresser at $125.00. Hope this helps. Thanks.

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